Send email

How to personalize your email message

To personalize the message body, use variables in the email subject or message.

Use common variables to :

  • {sheet_name} : the name of the sheet
  • {sheet_url} : the link to the sheet
  • {row_values} : comma separated values of the triggering row
  • {row_number} : the index number of the triggering row

Use column variable to reference the value if the content is part of the triggering row. For example, {column_A} represents the value of the first column.

Use range variable to reference the value if the content is in a certain cell of the sheet. For example {range_A1} represents the value of the first cell of the first row. It follows the same format of A1 notation.

A sample email message may look like:

Hi {range_A1},

We have received a request from {column_A}. The contents are {column_B} and {column_C}. 

Please checkout out {sheet_url} for details.

How to format email message with styles

HTML tags are supported in email body to format the message.

To bold the value from column B:

<b> {column_B} </b>

To render the URL from column C as a clickable link:

<a href="{column_C}">Click here to edit</a>

To include an image in email body:

<img src="" alt="img" >

To show the row data in a table:


How to specify multiple recepients dynamically

Sometimes the email addresses of recepients can not be configured explicitly.

Just like email message personalization, you can pull email addresses out of the triggering row or the sheet by using column variable and range variable.

Beside, it is also possible to use normal email address with variables, for example:

{column_A},, {range_A1}

How to reference data from another sheet

To do this, you can specify the sheet name in range variable.

For example, {range_Sheet2!B1} will pull out the value from B1 of Sheet2.

How to export a sheet to PDF and send it as attachment

To send a sheet in email, you can simply use the Attachment option in Send Email action.

If you want to customize the style of the exported pdf, following below steps:

  1. Add an Export Sheet action and configure the export options properly
  2. Add a Send Email action and specify “Export sheet” in the Attachment option

This way the exported pdf will be attached in the email.

How to export a row and send it as attachment

Similar to Export Sheet, you can use the combination of Export Row and Send Email to achieve this:

  1. Add an Export Row action and configure the export options properly
  2. Add a Send Email action and specify “Export row” in the Attachment option

By default, Export Row will include the column headers and all values. The content can be customized with custom option in Export Row action.

How to send bulk emails to a list of recipients

To send bulk emails, use schedule rule (assuming the email addresses are stored in column A):

  1. Create a scheduler trigger, select the sheet and specify Trigger mode as Trigger on every matched row
  2. Create a Send Email action with {column_A} as the recipient
  3. Save the rule and click “Run” under the 3-dot menu to trigger the automation

Tip: you could turn off the rule by clicking “Rule on/off” under the 3-dot menu, so that it doesn’t run automatically.

How to send reminder email once a day

To send a reminder email on a daily basis:

  1. Create a scheduler trigger and specify target sheet
  2. Select “daily” schedule and specify the hour of day when the rule should run
  3. Select Trigger mode as Trigger on the frist matched row
  4. Create your Send Email action

How to send reminder emails 3 days before a deadline

If you are using sheet to track tasks assigned to multiple people with different deadline date, you may want to send out reminder emails 3 days before the deadline.

The steps to do it (assume the deadline column is F):

  1. Create Sheet Is Scheduled trigger and select “daily” schedule
  2. Create a column condition
  3. Specify the condition as F is equal to {today() + 3}
  4. Create Send Email action with the reminder message
Last modified August 30, 2022