Automate Google Sheets without scripting

Use cases

Form Response Handling

Provide personalized response based on the answer condition. Send email to predefined recipients or email addresses pulled from sheet.

Office Work Automation

Dispatch sales lead or marketing inquiry to sales rep. Automate job shift/rotation. Notify colleagues via templated email or slack when status is updated.

Sheet Content Monitoring

Monitor data like inventory level or KPI metrics anywhere in the sheet. Perform arbitrary actions when the value is below or above threshhold.

Transaction Logging/Tracking

Track sheet changes by highlighting the updated row or copying it to another sheet with additional logging information.

Project Task Management

Assign tasks to team members. React to status update and approaching deadline. Archive completed tasks automatically.

Bulk Data Processing

Scan and process every row of the sheet periodically. Filter rows with one or more conditions. Move data between sheets.

What people say

How it works

Create rules, no scripting needed

Rule is a mini workflow that automatically runs to perform your repetitive tasks when certain event happens.


When data is updated in the sheet


If the value matches one or more conditions


Move the updated row to another sheet

Highlight the row by filling background color

Send email notification to the owner

Why Sheet Automation

Automate, no code

Automate daily repetitive tasks without writing script.

Data security

The data never leaves your google account as the rule runs on your sheet directly.

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