Sheet Automation is a powerful, easy-to-use extension that takes Google Sheets to next level. Create your mini workflow with the intuitive UI and automate everything without writing script.

Use cases

Our users are using Sheet Automation for many use cases.


You are probably using the great formula or built-in feature to do some repetitive work, however you can easily find yourself losing track of condition after condition, formula after formula. With Sheet Automation’s simple, easy-to-use interface you can quickly and easily set up all kinds of automations.

  • Move or copy row across tabs or workbooks
  • Copy data from specified columns
  • Update arbitrary cells in the sheet
  • Delete or hide row when they are not relevant
  • Sort sheet when data is changed or based on schedule
  • Conditional format on border, cell style, text alignment


With Sheet Automation, you can automatically send email messages every time a respondent submits Google Form. You can notify the form respondent, your team members, or create notification rules and send emails to different people based on the form answers.

  • Send notification to owner when a new form is submitted
  • Insert edit url and send confirmation to submitter
  • Format the response row with the style you want
  • Enrich the response with additional data or formula copy down
  • Sort the latest answer to the top of the sheet
  • Export the response data to PDF
  • Upload the response data to external system via webhook


With the collaboration nature of google sheets, it is great for team task management and coordination. Sheet Automation makes it fully automated.

  • Task status tracking and change logging
  • Distribute tasks from master sheet to assignee’s individual sheet
  • Notify team members on task status updating
  • Monitor due date and send reminder on approaching deadline
  • Archive completed or expired tasks automatically


Paired with gmail, sheets could be your notification hub. With the flexible variable system provided by Sheet Automation, you can easily create personalised email based on predefined HTML template.

  • Send notification when data is updated and condition is satisfied
  • Send email with row or sheet as attachment
  • Send reminder on hourly, daily, weekly schedule
  • Send alert when due date is close or date time condition matches
  • Send Slack, SMS, WhatsApp messages through webhook


You can bulk process your sheet data based on the powerful utilities provided Sheet Automation:

  • Automatically enrich row and populate data
  • Sync data between two sheets
  • Move data across sheets or spreadsheets.
  • Send data from sheet to third-party services
  • Import JSON data from HTTP API


If you are using Google Sheets to store information of customers, subscription like we do, Sheet Automation can simply make it into a CRM.

  • Send personalised marketing email
  • Automatic response to customer inquiry
  • Send reminder for subscription expiration or payment failure
  • Assign sales leads to representative
  • Export sheet and send invoice on schedule
  • Integrate with other CRM via api connector


Sheet Automation can be integrated into your existing workflow seamlessly if you are using tools like AppSheet, Glide apps, Hexomatic, Zapier, Pabbly to automate your business.

  • Trigger a workflow from sheet update
  • Send alerts when a new row is appended by AppSheet
  • Transform data format and pass it to pabbly webhook
  • Publish data to Pabbly using webhook


If you see a bug, want to request a feature or simply have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact

Last modified October 21, 2022