Sheet Automation is a google sheet add-on for event-based automation without writing script. It helps you automate many tasks without writing script.

How it works

A rule defines a piece of logic for your automation. It consists of a trigger and an optional condition followed by one or more actions.

A trigger is an event that happens in the sheet and initiates the automation.

A condition is like a guard for your action. Only when the data matches the condition, the following action will be fired.

An action is a step that performs a task such as sending an email, updating the value of a column and moving a row to another sheet.

When the trigger fires, the condition is satisfied and the subsequent actions are executed, the rule is said to be run.

Use cases

  • Flexible form response notification
  • Move/copy /update row between sheets
  • React on sheet data changes within certain cells, columns and rows
  • Periodically monitor a sheet and perform conditional action

Latest Update

  • Multiple (any of/all of) condition group
  • New format row action
  • New scheduler trigger
  • Create Row action


If you see a bug, want to request a feature or simply have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact

Last modified January 21, 2021