Condition filters the row against the criteria. When it is satisfied, the subsequent action will be fired.

Column Condition

This condition compares the specified column of the triggering row with a value.


The column argument accepts one or more columns using the column letters separated with comma or hyphen.


  • A refers to the first column.
  • A,B,C refers to the first 3 columns.
  • A-E refers to 5 columns starting from column A to column E.

When multiple columns are specified, the result will be true if any of the column matches the condition.


Condition parameter determines how the column is compared to a value based on the data type. It supports below operators:

  • is empty
  • is not empty
  • is equal to
  • is not equal to
  • is more than (number)
  • is less than (number)
  • is at least (number)
  • is at most (number)
  • contains (text)
  • does not contain (text)
  • starts with (text)
  • ends with (text)
  • is after (date)
  • is before (date)


Value parameter accepts value as number, text or date according to the operator. Both yyyy-mm-dd and mm-dd-yyyy are valid date format.

You can use variables to reference value dynamically:

  • column variable: {column_A} stands for the first column of the row and {column_B} for the second column.

  • range variable: {range_A1} stands for the first column of the first row. If multiple cells are specified, only the value of the top left cell is used.

Function is also supported. {today()} represents the current date. You can plus or minus days from today, e.g., {today() - 1} is yesterday and {today() + 1} is tomorrow.

Range Condition

This condition checks the value of a range based on A1 notation.


The column argument accepts A1 notation. For example, you can specify A1 if you want to check the first column of the first row. Separate multiple ranges with comma.

When there are multiple cells in the specified range, the result will be true if any cell value matches the condition.


Refer to Condition of Column Condition.


Refer to Value of Column Condition.

Condition Group

You can define more than one condition when you want to make sure multiple criteria are matched.

There are two modes on how the condition group is evaluated:

  • any of at least one of the conditions are satisfied
  • all of all of the conditions are satisfied

Last modified February 22, 2022